The Chimney Farm Gate

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Kennel sign installed.


A new kennel sign was needed when the rescue changed their name and logo earlier this year.  We decided to go big and install it on the gate at the entrance.


Forged rusted leaves





The sheet metal and rebar that was used to create the tree was left outside to rust before being worked. Hammering into the rust and then polishing creates the beautiful colours and textures. The mirror finish laquer reflects the light and colours throughout the day whilst the creeping rust under the laquer makes the tree change and evolve with time





Knot detail in the centre of the trunk..








 The tree stands approx 6ft tall with a branch spread of approx 6 foot. The trunk rises up from stems of forged wheat grass and stainless steel flowers.





Stainless flowers










The petals are cut by hand and then hammered into shape before being mounted onto a weld textured centre and hammered stem. The stainless gives a stunning contrast to the rust .



Horseshoe letters.









The letters are made from Horseshoes which were rusted before laquering.Best of all it makes a beautiful backdrop for the happy adoption pictures of the lucky dogs off their forever home. Amongst the leaves hides a butterfly, traditionally associated with death and rebirth, these dogs are transformed at Chimney Farm and their lives reborn into a wonderful new home full of love and happiness here in the UK.

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