Recipe for a Robin

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     Ingredients for a Robin

Steel Balls 1 large 1 small, 3 small horseshoes, 9 horseshoe nails, Round bar, Welder and cutting equipment.

Step 1 Cut the small ball down and weld onto the big ball, grind to shape.

Step 2 Cut and attach the wings. Grind to shape.

Step 3 Attach legs and weld on horseshoe nail toes. Grind to shape.

Step 4 Mark the face, Attach horseshoe nail beak and weld detail eyes.

Step 5 Place in an Acid bath, leave overnight and water in the morning .

Step 6 Using a different acid, hand paint the details you want black, cover the tummy to protect from laquer, and  spray a clear coat laquer on the rest of the Robin. The breast is not laquered to allow it to continue rusting to provide a contrast to the rest of the Robin. The Robin is available on a stand or on a spike for the garden.

Robins available to post.

Step 1 Robin bodies.

Step 2 Attach wings.

Step 3 Legs 11

Step 4 Add features

Step 5 Designer rust.

Step 6 paint black detail


On a spike

Stand alone

Boxed up ready to post.

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